Mud Pulse Measurement While Drilling (MWD)

Our mud pulse system is a full-featured MWD system with the ability to log inclination, azimuth, gamma, directional gamma, and resistivity. All of this data is gathered during the drilling operation and transmitted to the surface via pulsations in the drilling fluid. Our wireless surface computers collect and decode the pressure pulses and interpret the data for the client and directional drilling engineers. All of the data can be logged and/or streamed to the client’s data management system.


The directional driller, whose job is to direct the well to the required target, obviously needs to know the exact angle and direction in which he is drilling. The data collected through the measurement-while-drilling (MWD) system is transmitted to the directional driller via the drilling fluid. That works as follows: by opening and closing a valve installed in the MWD and controlled by a mini-computer underground, pressure pulses are generated in the fluid inside the drill string. A pressure sensor at the top of the string acts as a receiver for these pulses, which are evaluated by a computer and the results are displayed to our MWD and DD personnel. This information allows our drilling crew to react accordingly.


A state-of-the-art bottom hole assembly is also equipped with numerous sophisticated measuring devices that allow us to check with great accuracy whether we are drilling through the best possible rock formation (which is sometimes only a few feet thick). Gamma, pressure, and temperature are also measured at regular intervals. The more data we have, the more certain we can be that a well will remain in its target formation.